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New company helping businesses expand into Asia

Kaywood Ltd is a new organisation set up specifically to assist businesses expand into the Asian markets. Whether this be via projects, trial deals, setting up representative offices, branches or subsidiary companies Kaywood has the capability to assist in any of these areas.

The Far East is an exciting area for growth and business success. Most countries welcome western organisations setting up business in their jurisdictions as they see vast business experience coming from the west and opportunities for growth in their own economies. New openings offering potential growth and ongoing success to fresh business ventures can thus be attractive to both sides.

Andrew Wood is the managing director of the company and has a wealth of experience in Asia Pacific, having continuously lived and worked there for 38 years. Andrew has been resident in Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, China and Thailand and has conducted business and travelled in all the South East Asian countries. His breadth and depth of experience has been gained in business management as well as sales and marketing. He has worked in manpower contracting, resource engineering and mining, computer process systems, computer peripherals manufacturing and distribution in corporate and financial management and financial services in sales and marketing.

Andrew sees this venture as an exciting possibility for any business which has a desire to expand but are not sure how to go about it. His substantial network of contacts enable him to be very flexible in most areas. He commented “It all starts with a conversation. Call me to have a preliminary chat about your specific set of circumstances. No two businesses are the same”

If you would like an exploratory chat about this please contact: Andrew Wood, Kaywood Ltd.

Tel: 0779 569 2645.


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