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Sara Pegden and Sue Fynney who want to open a new swimming pool in Doncaster on Wheatley Hall Road

New swimming pool plans approved with support from Business Doncaster

Hundreds of school pupils are set to take the plunge after plans for a new Doncaster swimming pool are agreed.

Swimming school Go Swimstars has received planning permission to build a new pool on an industrial estate near Doncaster town centre.  

Go Swimstars are hoping to have the new facility at Quest Park industrial estate, off Wheatley Hall Road, up and running by April so that they can run swimming lessons for 19 schools in the borough who have said they would like to use the facilities.

Director Sarah Pegden expects the pool to be completed by the end of March, now that planning permission is in place.

She said after the meeting: "We've got 19 primary schools, all from Doncaster, wanting to use it. We need to get the pool installed and filled and the heating put in. We expect work to get it up and running to take six weeks from start to finish."

Ms Pegden has received support from Business Doncaster, the economic development arm of Doncaster Council, and health officials and around 450 children were lined up to use the facility.

"We want to build a bespoke swimming pool where children can learn a lifesaving skill," she said. "Managers will supervise access and all children would be arriving with adults."

Doncaster central ward councillor John McHale spoke in support of the scheme and pointed out that there were many examples of facilities used by children operating from industrial estates, including Astrabound in Wheatley, and added the council recently agreed to a children's soft play area at an industrial estate in Thorne.

Go Swimstars is run by mum and daughter Susan Fynney and Sara Pegden.

The pool will be 14m by 6.5m in size and will be raised from the ground, rather than sunk into the floor as is conventional, with access via steps.

Go Swimstars hopes to open similar facilities in other towns including one in Bawtry in the future.

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