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New wave of Pool Fitness class to HiT Doncaster

Swimstars & Dolphins have developed a brand-new wave of high intensity pool fitness class at their bespoke pool located on Wheatley Hall Road.

Aqua Box is a high intensity fitness class that uses the resistance of the water combined with Boxercise techniques to make the calorie burning and muscle toning exercises highly effective. Aqua Box classes are always fun, energetic and highly addictive.

Suitable for all levels and abilities and although being in the water makes you lighter, it also increases the amount of resistance against you - effectively you’ll be lifting weights! There’s a reason why professional swimmers are so lean; the resistance provided by the water has a similar effect to lifting weights in the gym. Fighting against the push of the water activates your muscles and contributes to their development, which in turn leads to a fitter body and higher metabolism.

Classes will launch on Thursday 20th September at Quest Park, Wheatley Doncaster.

To book online please visit