Nobel Prize winning solutions based Holistic wellness business launches during lockdown
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Nobel Prize winning solutions based Holistic wellness business launched

After moving to Doncaster in 2019 primarily due to affordable accommodation and great transport links for starting their business, Oraphim registered as a ltd company in May 2020, during lockdown.

Their products have already proved very popular being stocked in shops in Sheffield and Chesterfield and attending many Mind, Body Spirit Shows across the region as well as supplying via online markets such as etsy & eBay.

Oraphim specialises in producing & delivering a wide range of products that detox environments and enhance your health and well-being utlising the rare minerolide 'Shungite'. The business supplies a wide unique selection of shungite solutions with amazing results; that are functional, affordable and stunningly beautiful too.

With their formula of silver infused Shungite: creating effective products for EMF & radiation solutions, as well as quantum Harmonising filters for increased wellness, health transformations and personal/spiritual development just happen, it's all about experiencing your potential best.

The Shungite stones contain the Nobel prize winning Carbon Molecules called ‘Fullerenes’, which are now taking the science world by storm and finding amazing adaptability for many medical applications, Oraphim import the only naturally available 'fulleren' source on the planet and turn it into usable products.

Shungite is used to amplify states of wellness and positivity, reversing all negative effects, resulting in extraordinary transformational experiences, particularly noticable with those struggling with difficult health conditions, also experience your gifts and talents to their max!

Oraphim supplies simple & affordable stickers for mobile & Wi-Fi devices removing the harmful negative effects of these technologies, stunning pendants for protection everywhere you go, pyramids that transform the frequency of a room, along with rapid effective healing balm and stress releasing organic soap and much more…

Shungite is most well-known for its abilities to purify water and has even proven to remove radiation from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster‘s contaminated water pools.

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