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Pennine Stone Win UKCSA ‘Excellence in the Use Cast Stone’ Awards

Despite strong competition, Pennine Stone came away as successful winners of two out of a possible three awards. Their first win of the evening was for ‘Best Innovative / Technical use of Cast Stone in a Project’ with the second being the highly coveted ‘Best Overall Cast Stone Project’.

The double award-winning project that Pennine Stone entered the two categories with was the Normandy Manor project on the Island of Guernsey. More than 2,500 stone components were packed and shipped to Guernsey for the construction of one of the most impressive private homes to be completed on the Channel Islands in many years.

This property was built to the most exacting of standards. Design excellence was paramount; and the UKCSA Full Member first began a dialogue with the property owner in 2012; initial project meetings commenced in 2014 but it wasn’t until 2016 that the first stones were shipped, with the final deliveries being made in 2017. All the cast stone supplied to this project was fibre reinforced, which enabled the component weight to be minimised, but considerably added to the complexity of the mould design.

Richard Walsh, Pennine Stone Managing Director said ‘Praise and recognition from any source is always welcome and creates a positive feel around the work place. The fact that in this case the praise and recognition is coming from such an established and expert body only heightens these feelings.

This award goes to everyone here who was able to overcome the challenges involved with this incredible project – from those involved in the early stages of design and customer service, to the mould-manufacturing, production and quality control operatives – a great well done to all”

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