Polypipe acquires drainage systems specialist
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Polypipe acquires drainage systems specialist

Polypipe acquires drainage systems specialist

Plastic piping systems maker Polypipe has acquired a designer, manufacturer and installer of advanced drainage systems.

The Alderburgh Group of companies, based in Rochdale, specialises in injection moulded stormwater attenuation tanks, structural waterproofing and geocellular membranes, and gas barrier and ventilation materials.

It primarily supplies the UK, Irish and Scandinavian markets.

Martin Payne, chief executive of Doncaster-headquartered Polypipe, said: "The acquisition of Alderburgh is another step forward in the group's stated strategy of filling product gaps and adjacencies, expanding our platform and market reach in the UK, and providing a "one stop shop" for our customers."

Polypipe will pay a total cash consideration of £14m for Alderburgh, which it said will broaden its water management systems offering.

The deal comprises the entire issued share capital of Alderburgh Ltd, Alderburgh Ireland Ltd, Solutek Environmental Ltd and Environmental Sustainable Solutions Ltd.

"Like other parts of our business, the water management systems market is being positively impacted by legislative change, and this acquisition gives Polypipe further exposure to this growing segment of the market," Payne added.

"Alderburgh will be integrated into Polypipe's Commercial and Infrastructure Systems segment, where we will focus the capabilities and synergies of the combined group to drive growth."