Rescue deal safeguards Bakery jobs
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Rescue deal safeguards Bakery jobs

Doncaster-headquartered Alison’s Coffee Shops Ltd (ACS), which traded as Cooplands Bakery went into administration last week (2 November 2016).

Stephen Parker and Trevor Binyon, partners at Opus Restructuring took control of the business following a period of sustained cash flow pressure.

On the same day, the business and certain assets of ACS, including 29 retail units were acquired by Cooplands Retail Ltd.

The 150 staff employed by ACS have been retained by Cooplanda Retail and the business continues trade as Cooplands from all 29 outlets.

A spokesman for Cooplands Retail said: “We are pleased to be continuing the hard work that had gone on over the preceding two years to return Cooplands to its former glories.

“An entirely new product range is on sale and an ever increasing percentage of product is made in house at the original bakery of Cooplands in Doncaster.

“Customers are returning and sales are increasing once more. We are fiercely proud of Cooplands’ Yorkshire roots and we believe we offer a genuine and value alternative to the large national bakery chains and supermarkets.”

Stephen Parker, partner at Opus Restructuring, added: “It would have been a tragedy if such a well-known local business as Cooplands had failed after being a fixture in its region ever since it was originally established in 1885.

“We are pleased to see it survive and continue to serve its loyal customer base.”

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