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Save water…save money…save energy

Watflo is a new business founded by Melvyn Davenport through his frustration of the amount of good, drinkable water he was using for his garden that could be substituted for re-cycled water.

With a background in plastic manufacturing, Melvyn invented a simple all in one plastic product that would allow water to flow in opposite directions in the same chamber. With this product came about a second invention the electronic water flushing system. Both needed prototypes building and Sheffield Hallam University Design Futures helped with this, designing the products and producing 3d printed prototypes. Both products have recently won the regional energy efficiency award

The revolutionary ‘Dual Flow Water Diverter’ is a new, innovative product offering a solution to the everyday problems of water wastage and high household bills through an intricate system known as water harvesting. This means homeowners will be able to significantly reduce their water bills through installing a simple water butt/tank to the outside of the house in which rainwater from the roof and greywater from your home is filtered, stored and re-used for tasks such as watering the garden and washing the car.

The water harvesting system is ideal for new build properties and is not only easy to install but cost effective too: no need for underground tanks or a header tank in your loft.

Whilst harvesting systems are available in the UK, they are generally expensive for the average homeowner, but Watflo’s water diverter it is simply an attachment to a down pipe which then filters your water butt, without you having to do anything!

So why should you invest in re-cycling your water? Well, water bills are rising this is fact. The climate is changing and we will experience more droughts and more floods over the coming years. Water companies are starting to install water meters to properties across the UK and there is a growing need for new homes to be built – all of these factors are putting a huge strain on water resources and usage and this is only going to get worse. Watflo aims to help reduce your water bills and encourage people to think about saving water each day.

For just £28.50 you will soon get your money back in the water you save!

Don’t pour money down the drain.

Watflo will be at the Business Showcase on Thursday 16 February, Doncaster Racecourse. Why not pay them a visit on Stand number 172 and find out more?

For further information please call 01032 618820 or email: for a FREE quotation.