Shape services pass ISO accreditation with flying colours
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Shape services pass ISO accreditation with flying colours

April has seen us focus on the annual re-accreditation for ISO9001:2015 and we are very pleased to announce that we have passed with flying colours!

ISO accreditation is something we have held for many years. It is very important to us to be able to prove competency and show that we understand how vital it is to work to the strict internal procedures and guidelines which have now become second nature to us. We feel these set guidelines are the foundations for a strong, organised and successful company to flourish and achieve their goals.

It is obvious that our Management and Support teams also share the same opinion as we are delighted to find that the Quality Management system in place is still being updated and used just as it should be. The logging of information and reporting tools are all in order and up to date and there is a general feeling of strong organisation, compliance and effort to maintain our high standards.

Everybody plays a key role in working to these guidelines, from the FSEs and SCOs in theatre who wear their company issued uniform each day and carry their dosimeter with them at all times, to the Management teams who collate and present reports in the correct manner, to the accounts team who use and store personal information in line with the Date Protection Act and GDPR guidelines. Each and every one of us plays a part.

We cannot stress enough the benefits of working effectively with the Quality Management System. We genuinely believe this accreditation is more than just 'ticks in boxes'. We feel that if adhered to correctly, it helps us all in a positive way. How by becoming more streamlined in your working practices saves you time and how sticking to a certain procedure eliminates the 'grey areas' and avoids mistakes and misinterpretation. It gives us confidence that the business can easily be expanded if and when the opportunity arises and we can simply put the same working practices in place which clearly work.