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Shepherd Distribution sees fleet grow thanks to capital investment

Shepherd Distribution have invested in their stock adding a new trailer with a stepped up rear allowing taller pallets to be carried across the UK from its Sheffield base.

This trailer is a major investment for the firm and is a step up in terms of both road safety and operator safety. It is equipped with a second inner load safety curtain designed to prevent materials from falling from the trailer and reducing dangers to other road users.

Laurence Abel, managing director of Shepherd’s Distribution, a member of Logistics Hub UK (LHUK), said “We are dedicated to working to improve road and operator safety and this new Double Deck trailer from Deker Trailers is a great move in the right direction.

“Getting the goods we are delivering to the right place at the right time in an efficient and safe manner is of the upmost importance to us and that is why we are continuing to invest in the fleet we have.”

The mesh design of the inner curtain also enables operators to see if the load has moved prior to opening the curtain which should prevent any items from falling whilst unloading the trailer.

“This new trailer, as well as having improved safety features, will enable us to move taller pallets around, opening up new business opportunities for the company,” added Laurence,

This latest FORS standard applies which includes a host of extra pedestrian and cyclist safety features.

The continued business success of this Logistics Hub UK (LHUK) member has enabled them to grow their fleet again, and transport even more goods across the UK.

Amy Symon, project manager of LHUK said: “We are pleased to see that Shepherd Distribution are continuing to grow and are investing in their business to meet new demand and providing new opportunities in the region with the new capacity to move taller pallets.

“Our region is perfectly placed to deliver goods across the globe using road, rail, air and sea and Shepherd Distribution are certainly delivering their share of the UKs road cargo.”

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