Students at Communication Specialist College Doncaster mean business
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Student at Specialist College Doncaster

Students at Communication Specialist College Doncaster mean business

A specialist college in Doncaster is celebrating gaining experience in the world of work for 100 percent of expected students.

Communication Specialist College Doncaster, has worked with 54 employers across the country to make sure that their students, who are Deaf, hard of hearing or have communication difficulties, have had the opportunity to gain work experience.

Suzie Beaumont, from the work experience and transition team at Communication Specialist College Doncaster, said: “We are thrilled to have been able to offer this opportunity to our students and are so grateful to the fantastic employers that we’ve worked with.

“Our students have a great deal to offer and while we know that having a student on work experience can be a big ask, we’ve been extremely lucky to find businesses who have been willing to take the time to work with us in offering what can be life changing experiences for our students.

“Not all of the students who learn with us are expected to undertake work experience but 100 percent of those who were expected to have a placement, have done so. Some students have even completed two.”

Students from the college have also benefitted from 12 industry visits throughout the year to a wide range of businesses with most students visiting and getting to see behind the scenes of at least three businesses.

“The businesses that we have worked with have all been impressed with our students’ attitude, commitment and passion to work. Our team works closely with businesses to provide the help and support they need to offer these work placements and we are always looking for new businesses to work with.

“There are too many businesses to thank individually but locally in Yorkshire we do need to thank the Mount Pleasant Hotel, Doncaster Rovers, Doncaster Golf Club, the Salvation Army, the RSPCA, Sodexo, Sandall Beat Woods, Daisy Meadows, Wonkey Donkey and Markham Grange Nurseries,” added Suzie.

Any business wanting to offer work placements can do so via the Work Experience Team, to find out more about the College and the services it provides visit