Testing the Water
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Testing the Water

Swimstars and Dolphins are revolutionising the way children learn to swim and the proof is in the pass rates!

Swimstars and Dolphins are providing a dynamic and effective way of learning to swim which is already proving to be a success within the schools National Curriculum. Numerous Primary Schools within Doncaster have been using the family-run Swim School to deliver their swimming lessons since they opened their brand new, custom-built Swim School at Quest Park in 2018 and the results are speaking for themselves. 

With over 35 schools already accessing the service, Swimstars and Dolphins average pass rate for pupils completing one term of lessons and swimming proficiently over a distance of 25m is exceeding an 87% pass rate alongside a 98% pass rate of being able to perform self-rescue. This could be down to the unique Swim Scheme Swimstars and Dolphins have developed that is being highly praised by Schools throughout Doncaster. 

Recent published data demonstrates that competitors are only achieving pass rates as low as 20%, in full size 25m pools, forcing schools to seek additional lessons to increase pass rates to stay within the National Curriculum guidelines. In turn this has had a detrimental effect on school budgets and vital class room learning. 

Richmond Primary School said “The staff were really impressed! They all came back absolutely singing your praises and couldn't have been more impressed with the staff helping in the pool. They gave some really fantastic feedback; we couldn't have hoped for a better first impression”. 

The water-based Instructors are included as standard within all of their packages alongside a free month of swimming lessons for any children that do not reach the set target which is a fantastic incentive for children to learn this vital life skill. 

Rachel Adams the Education Lesson Manager said “It is so rewarding to see the children grow in confidence throughout the term. Some children arrive at the beginning of term unable to swim but leave at the end with their 25m certificate. Our water buddies are always on hand to provide that 1- 1 support for nervous swimmers or children with special needs. We have a great team who want to ensure that all children achieve, have fun, and more importantly learn to swim. 

Sara Pegden the Director of Swimstars and Dolphins said ‘We have very high standards; our high standards mean that everything we do from developing our Educational Swimming programme to delivering follow up support to the children who may not have reached their target is backed by our rigorous research and meticulous quality. So when Schools are choosing Swimstars and Dolphins as their provider they can be assured that safety and development come as standard.