Varchisa Yoga and Meditation Studio opens in Doncaster
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Varchisa Yoga

Varchisa Yoga and Meditation Studio opens in Doncaster

Doncaster National champion fitness athlete, Victoria Gill has opened her ‘dream’ yoga and meditation studio ‘Varchisa’.

Victoria with the help and support of her parents and family, spent weeks tirelessly converting the space, decorating and furnishing the studio at Queens Road Design Centre.

Nearly 10 years ago whilst completing her Master’s Degree, Victoria was diagnosed with a condition in which her nervous system would incorrectly send pain signals to her brain.

After surgery, counselling, medication and endless forms of treatment as a last resort she tried ‘mindfulness meditation’ and ‘Hatha’ yoga to help with pain management.

This is where her love affair with yoga and meditation truly began. Learning how to meditate and becoming more mindful of herself both mentally and physically led her to a full recovery.

Shortly after her recovery, Victoria became highly engrossed with weight training and nutrition and very soon became a National Champion Bikini Fitness athlete competing on and off for 4 years.

By 2018, the demands of competing internationally and running her own personal training business had taken its toll. She was massively overworked, chronically exhausted, stressed, sad and terribly unhappy.

It is true to say that Victoria discovered her true passion whilst going through some of the worst times of her life – her beloved yoga and meditation. It was time to change and three days later, Victoria flew to Croatia for a month’s retreat – a decision that changed her life.

The name ‘Varchisa’ was created and brought to life in a small, yogic Ashram on an island off the coast of Croatia. Away from the external, technological and pressurised, stress-fuelled western world, the life and ethos of Varchisa fully bloomed.

Escaping to this stunning Croatian island in 2018 and returning home to Doncaster, Victoria knew she had to share her experiences with everyone and set-up her business, Varchisa Yoga and Meditation Studio in the centre of town at Queens Road Design Centre.

For Victoria, yoga had been a refuge. Then just like that, it became her world.

Victoria is determined to bust through all the misconceptions of who might attend a yoga class. When you think of people who do yoga, you probably imagine a certain type, or maybe you think you need the right yoga pants or an expensive mat to get the most out of the practice. Well that’s not the case with ‘Varchisa’.

"My business model is really unique in the sense that I am focused on diversity, inclusivity, and health and well-being both physically and mentally" she says.

“I wanted to provide a place – whether you are new to yoga and meditation or already practice – where everyone can feel comfortable and belong’’.

Victoria currently delivers 14 classes a week with membership steadily increasing. Each class has its own unique benefits including for beginners, sports people and even yoga for kids, so there is sure to be a class to suit everyone. She is working hard to create a place for anyone wanting to try yoga no matter their size, gender, shape or background.

"I want to demystify the erroneous conception that yoga's only for women, only for those that are flexible, fit and slim" she says. "All of that is untrue."

"Teaching yoga is fantastic, but I really want to have an impact, and help bring together the mind, body and spirit”.

The benefits of Yoga are well documented, so whether it be increasing strength and flexibility, reducing stress, pain relief or one of the other health benefits of yoga, Varchisa will be there with you every step of the way.

Whether it is physical, mental or spiritual development you are looking for, Victoria promises with time you can find it through yoga. Her mission is to build a community for all who are on their own journey of curiosity and discovery or for those who simply wish for calm, guidance and support, just as she did.

And what’s more…Victoria has a special Mother's day offer – bring your Mama along to a single Varchisa yoga class for FREE from now until 20th April 2019.  

So, if she's your shoulder to cry on, best friend, life lesson teacher and your mother for which you wouldn't wish for another, then send a message directly to the Facebook page and Victoria will take care of the rest. Let's celebrate the women who raised us! 

Please feel welcomed to her Varchisa studio and let its power change your life too.

For further information or to book a class, please visit:, follow on facebook or email Victoria at: