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An artist's impression of the proposed Vulcan hangar

Vulcan bomber tourist attraction plans submitted

Plans for a tourist attraction in Doncaster based around the iconic Vulcan bomber have moved forward with a planning application now submitted.

The proposals have been been lodged with Doncaster Council outlining how a giant hangar would be created on a site next to Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

It includes new artists impressions, which show the Vulcan, a 1950s Canberra bomber, which the Vulcan to the Sky Trust hopes to restore to flying condition, and a Supermarine Swift cold war jet fighter, inside the building.

The proposals are to use the aircraft as the centrepiece of a science museum which has been compared with the Eden Centre in Cornwall.

Although the Vulcan will no longer fly, it would be more than a museum piece as it would be taken outside to do powered taxi runs in front of the public, which would mean the famous roar of its jets would still be heard.

Vulcan to the Sky Trust spokesman Richard Clarke said the scheme would not be able to move forwards until an investor was in place, and the trust was currently actively looking for that investor.

The trust is also currently raising funds from the public towards the costs.

He said: "We would like to think when planning permission comes forward we could move forward as soon as possible. That is the aspiration and we wanted to start the ball rolling by putting the planning application in..

"We would like to be looking at starting next year, but it is difficult to put a date on it.."

The plans also include a shop, cafe, bar, education, conference, office, kitchen area, and assembly areas where work would be carried out on the jets. Bosses hope to use it for conferences and educational events.

Mr Clarke said the Swift depicted in the pictures was currently on-loan from a private owner. The trust owns the Vulcan and the Canberra. The site for the proposed hangar is next to the boundary of the airport and is a site that was formerly part of RAF Finningley.

The site contains an aircraft maintenance / refuelling stand that was historically used by the Vulcan bombers.

It has a direct existing taxi way to the airport's runway, which would allow the Vulcan access to the airport area.

The public would get to the site from Hayfield Lane.

A picture of the famous Vulcan's outline would be put on the roof which will be visible from aircraft coming in to the airport.

Vulcans were based at RAF Finningley while it was operational, and the trust's Vulcan, number XH558, was based at the airport while it was still flying after a campaign restored it to flight.

A decision to end its flying days was made because of its ageing airframe, and it made its last flight in October 2015.

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