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One of many animals at YWP

Yorkshire Wildlife Parks Record Breaking Year

Award-winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park has been swamped by applications for new jobs after another record-breaking year.

The park attracted over THREE QUARTER OF A MILLION visitors during 2016 and is now looking for 96 new staff as it expands its facilities and events programme through 2017.

Last year YWP spent £3m locally – bringing the total since opening to £12.5m and giving the whole area a significant boost. 300 staff were employed during the peak season in 2016.

A hilarious spoof film showcasing the jobs on social media with a Polar Bear character has been viewed by more than 300,000 online and the park, at Branton, near Doncaster, has been deluged by inquiries.

“We are delighted to have attracted so many visitors – a total of 761,515 - during 2016 - another record year,” said YWP Director Cheryl Williams, who appears on the hit film hiring the 'Polar Bear.'

“We have a high calibre and dedicated workforce and it is great that our success means we can offer more jobs locally.

“Working here among so many beautiful animals and making sure visitors have a memorable time is a dream job and we are thrilled that so many people want to work with us.”

The new vacancies for 2017 run from accounts to seasonal work at the 100-acre site which has become the UK’s No. 1 walk through wildlife attraction.

Vacancies - full time, part-time and seasonal - are available across different departments including managerial roles, animal conservation, administrative as well as retail and catering staff in the Safari Village shopping area, cafes and dining suites.

Meanwhile, YWP’s CEO John Minion revealed park spending will only continue to grow in the community.

He said:” We are proud that the park’s growth puts millions into the local economy every year.

“Every year our spend in the community increases with £3m spent last year alone. We are grateful for the way the whole of the local area partners with us.

“Our spend will only go up as we roll out our plans to consistently grow and refresh the facilities on the Park.”

The park, home to rare species such as Amur leopards and tigers, polar bears and black rhinos, as well as with lions, giraffes, meerkats and many more, along with the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation has built an international reputation for its work protecting endangered species.

YWP opened in 2009 with 66,000 visitors and has grown every year, breaking through the landmark 500,000 annual visitors in 2014.

The park is planning new facilities during 2017, which include a complete refurbishment of the ever popular Lemur Woods and a new woodland play area. 

“We have exciting plans for the future and we need more staff who can continue our high standards and ensure we have another record year,” added Mr Minion.

For more information visit: http://www.ywpfoundation.com